StarterKit Bokashi “Cappuccino”: 2 buckets and 2 kg of Starter


The StarterKit!
Ideal for getting started with Bokashi composting as it contains everything you will need.
With a new sober color, taupe & white, it will enter in all elegance and discretion in your kitchen.

The only one that comes with an ultra-complete User’s Guide (with links to the explanatory videos) that will allow you to get started right away and without worries!

Two 16-liter bokashi buckets, complete with their accessories (two sieves, press, juice cup, measuring cup) and 2kg of Starter. Why two buckets? because when the first one is filled, it will have to ferment – closed and without odors don’t worry – for at least two weeks. So in the meantime, you will fill the second bucket. Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

The 2kg bag of Starter (or Ferment Activator) is usually enough to treat about ten buckets of material, so on average it lasts a year if there are two people in the household, or six months if there are four eaters!

English & Dutch versions of this little guide are available: send me an email if you want them to be added to your package ?

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