EM (EffectiveMicro-organisms)

What makes the difference between rotting and fermenting food scraps are the Effective Microorganisms (EM) that are impregnated in the wheat bran and that constitute the Starter that we sprinkle on our kitchen waste.

Wheat bran is only a support: EM can be associated with liquids, clays or ceramics for example, for the most diverse applications: in water, crops, horses, hens and other animals and… even for the human body!

But what are the EMs?

EMs are a very special mixture of three main categories of natural microorganisms that act synergistically wherever organic matter is found:

  • YEASTS that break down sugars and produce essential nutrients.
  • LACTIC BACTERIA which transform sugars into lactic acid, which by its acidity, prevents pathogens from developing.
  • PHOTOSYNTHETIC BACTERIA help to decompose organic matter and gases that would otherwise give a bad smell. They are also able to produce sugars from light.

Where do the EMs come from?

This ideal blend was developed by the Prof. Teruo HIGA from Okinawa UniversityThe product is distributed by EMRO Japan, which ensures its quality worldwide, and donates a good part of its profits to research for more sustainable forms of agriculture in developing countries.

The original EMs can be recognized by the logo

EMs and Life

These microorganisms are normally present in an ecosystem in balance: they are the same categories of bacteria that we find in our intestinal micro biota and that keep us healthy. The same is true for the environment.

At the level of our BokashiCompost, they will maintain a positive balance and prevent rotting or bad bacteria from developing. It’s also thanks to EMs that you can continue to fill your bokashi bucket for weeks at room temperature…without it smelling bad!

Fermentation has the advantage of enriching the nutritional value of food (or its waste): you will literally be feeding your soil with elements that will contribute to the health of all life forms in it.

Moreover, you will avoid that this fraction of your garbage ends up in the air we breathe in the form of CO2 or methane … because you will give back to the earth, in the form of organic matter, the carbon it has given you in the form of food!

Then, once we add the pre-composted material from our bucket to the soil, these microorganisms will continue their beneficial action by supporting and nourishing soil life.

EM, combined in other formulas, can also be used in the home as deodorizers, cleaners, and more. And all this with only totally natural ingredients , 100% biodegradable, which not only do not pollute the environment, but also help it to regain a balance.

Here’s how it happens in this video from EMRO (in English):