Bokashi Design Bucket ‘Organko 2



A bokashi bucket, with a capacity of 9.6 liters, with a pure design. The off-white shell houses a black inner shell with an integrated screen. The press lid makes it possible to fill and close tightly in a single movement. Includes: measuring spoon, lid and carrying strap.

Comes with a 1kg starter bag.

This format is suitable for one to two people, or a small household that only cooks occasionally. Its innovative ‘press lid’ allows the food to be compacted very efficiently and therefore allows a very dense filling.

Usually bought in pairs so that the buckets can be rotated: when the first full bucket is fermenting…the second is filled. En général, lorsque le second est plein, le premier est prêt à être mélangé à la terre (étape 3 – voir la page de démarrage).

Organko2 wins the Red Dot Design Award 2019

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Additional information

Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 40 cm