EM® Ceramic Ring Small for Water, Carafe, Flask


Small EM® Ceramic ring to be placed at the bottom of a water carafe, a fountain, a flower vase, a gourd or any container containing water.

The Ring Small uses EM® Ceramics technology to improve the structure and quality of the water, giving it a better taste, as well as extending the life of the cut flowers.

EM® Ceramics grey technology is the product of high temperature firing (1200°C) of a clay fermented by EM®.

Water: EM® Ceramics products work through the principle of resonance. They re-dynamize the water, which results in a reduction of scale deposits and oxidation, the disappearance of unpleasant taste and an improvement of the water quality.

Preservation: Thanks to resonance, EM® Ceramics products can extend the shelf life of food in the refrigerator, fruit basket, etc.

Its ring shape allows for easy attachment and cleaning. Its size allows an optimal efficiency for small containers by bringing only one piece.

One unit per package.

Round ring “Ring Small”: Inner diameter: 10 mm Outer diameter: 35 mm.

EM® Ceramics are produced with quality clay fermented with effective EM micro-organisms and fired at very high temperatures in anaerobic conditions. The multiple characteristics and information of the micro-organisms are preserved in the ceramic after the firing process. This explains the long-lasting properties of EM ceramics which will have the following effects on the water in which they are immersed:

  • reduction of the surface tension of the water
  • reduction in the size of clusters of water molecules
  • modification of the redox potential and increase of the antioxidant power
  • by resonance effect, transmission of the ‘positive effects’ of EM.



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