Bokashi Design Ocean fishnets composter


Produced from abandoned fishing nets recovered during beach clean-ups, this black bokashi composter is produced in Europe. Each bokashi Ocean composter contains at least 600g of netting, collected by hand and recycled. Taking action for the environment and the oceans also means reducing the amount of plastic that is dumped into them each year…by buying this product, you are supporting the recycling industry and helping to raise awareness.

A bokashi bucket with a capacity of 9.6 litres in a sleek black design.

The outer shell houses an inner tank whose perforated bottom functions as a sieve. The press lid makes it possible to fill and close tightly in a single movement. Includes measuring spoon, lid and carrying strap.

Comes with a 1kg bag of Starter – the essential bokashi activator.

This format is suitable for one to two people, or a small household that only cooks occasionally. Its innovative ‘press lid’ allows the food to be compacted very efficiently and therefore allows a very dense filling.

Usually bought in pairs so that the buckets can be rotated: when the first full bucket is fermenting…the second is filled. En général, lorsque le second est plein, le premier est prêt à être mélangé à la terre (étape 3 – voir la page de démarrage).

The “Organko 2” model has won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 for innovative and design products.

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Additional information

Weight 3,8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 40 cm