+1″ single bokashi bucket – 16 L


Do you need one extra bucket to rotate while your other two buckets are fermenting?

An extra 16-liter bokashi bucket with a sieve is what you need.

Delivered without Starter, nor accessories (therefore NOT included the press, the juice goblet, the measuring spoon).

One bucket is not enough to complete the entire bokashi composting cycle because, once filled, the bucket must ferment closed for at least 15 days. So you need a second bucket to fill while the first one is fermenting 😉

This “+1” bucket allows you to increase your composting capacity, when you already have a ‘pair’.

Want to get started with bokashi composting? You will absolutely need this
Starter Kit,
which contains the two buckets needed to make the ‘rotation’ and the Starter powder without which your waste will rot! Why is this? the answer HERE.

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