Bokashi Compost Starter bran- 1 Kg or 2 Kg bag


Essential for composting food waste with the bokashi composting technique.

The Starter or Activator is made of wheat bran impregnated with effective EM® microorganisms.

Used to compost food scraps (raw, cooked, citrus and even animal protein scraps) by going through a fermentation stage in a bokashi bucket. Sprinkle a good handful (40 ml) of Starter per liter of food material to be treated.

It can also be used as a compost activator, to limit the odour of your ‘orange bag’ or to improve the soil of your plants.

The closed bag, stored in a dark and humid place, can be kept for more than a year without any problem. A 2 kg bag is usually enough for a 2-person household for one year of composting.

Available in 1 Kg or 2 Kg bags.

Larger sizes are available upon request.