EM® Super Cera C ceramic powder 7 microns


Ultra-fine ceramic powder: can be incorporated into adhesives, cements, joints, etc. Reduces surface tension.

With a fineness of 7 microns, which allows it to be absorbed through the stomata of plants, creating a physical barrier to
to pathogens.

Can be applied to animal wounds to promote healing and limit infection.

Can also be used to sanitise lawns, flower beds and crops at a rate of 500g of powder/100m2/year, in combination with Microferm diluted at 2%.

EM® Ceramics are produced with quality clay fermented with effective EM micro-organisms and fired at very high temperatures in anaerobic conditions. The multiple characteristics and information of the micro-organisms are preserved in the ceramic after the firing process. This explains the long-lasting properties of EM ceramics which will have the following effects on the water with which they are mixed:

  • reduction of the surface tension of the water
  • reduction in the size of clusters of water molecules
  • modification of the redox potential and increase of the antioxidant power
  • by resonance effect, transmission of the ‘positive effects’ of EM.



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Additional information

Weight 1,035 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 20 cm

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