EM® Ceramic Powder EM-X


EM® Ceramic Powder for mixing with paints and stains.
Limits the erosion of materials and the release of unpleasant odours.
The light neutral colour and the fineness of the powder do not affect the original colour of the paint.

Can also be used as a soil improver.

EM® Ceramics are produced with quality clay fermented with effective EM micro-organisms and fired at very high temperatures in anaerobic conditions. The multiple characteristics and information of the micro-organisms are preserved in the ceramic after the firing process. This explains the long-lasting properties of EM ceramics which will have the following effects on the water with which they are mixed:

  • reduction of the surface tension of the water
  • reduction in the size of clusters of water molecules
  • modification of the redox potential and increase of the antioxidant power
  • by resonance effect, transmission of the ‘positive effects’ of EM.



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Additional information

Weight 0,525 kg
Dimensions 14 × 1,5 × 22 cm

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