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Today, it is more than urgent to review production methods based on the use of fossil fuels, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. EMs, a mixture of micro-organisms developed by Japanese researcher Teruo Higa, are a response to this problem and are proving to be invaluable allies for those who want to be both actors and beneficiaries in a natural biological system.

Already more than 2000 copies sold! “Higa knew he had made an extraordinary discovery […]. What he could not yet guess was how universal the use of these microbial combinations would become,” writes Anne Lorch.

This book is richly illustrated and clearly structured.

– A broad overview takes us from the current environmental situation to the world of MS, covering topics such as soil life, water biology, microbiology, etc., and prepares us to better understand the role of these micro-organisms.

– A description of how EM products are made and used (in fields, orchards and vineyards, in meadows and stables, in our homes, gardens and water bodies, in crafts and industry, for our health and that of animals) is then provided in great detail.

The book concludes with user testimonials and concrete examples.

Whether you are new to effective microorganisms or an experienced user, this book will be an indispensable guide!

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