EM Pond Balls ( Bokashi Balls)


Box of 4 balls.

Balls made from fermented clay, EM-1, molasses and EM® ceramic powder and slowly dried.

They reduce silt through positive microbial action that promotes the biological balance of your pond, lake, river, or other water body. Mud and silt are reduced, the water becomes clearer and promotes fish health.

The effective micro-organisms are released slowly into the water, fermenting and decomposing the organic matter deposited in the water, neutralising nitrate and ammonia residues and restoring the oxygenation level necessary for a healthy water balance.

Dosage: 1 ball/ 1 to 2 m² / year

Example of a complete pond treatment
Depending on the amount of silt already present, throw 1 to 2 balls/m².
Repeat this every year, preferably in winter.
Use EM® Photo+ in combination with Microferm.
0.5 L of EM® Photo+ + 10 L of Microferm / 10 000 L of water / year ;

If algae growth persists, it is advisable to increase the frequency of application and not the dose used. You can repeat this treatment several times (3 to 4) depending on the amount of algae to be treated.

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