Aquabiome EM Photo+ Plus – 500ml bottle


A solution of specific phototrophic micro-organisms from the EM® group that regulates the development and growth of algae.

The micro-organisms contained in Aquabiome Photo+ contribute to the elimination of numerous molecules such as phosphate, nitrite and ammonium, thus limiting the growth of algae in a sustainable manner.

Works in both oxygen rich and oxygen poor environments; with or without light.


500 ml of Photo+ for 10 000 litres of water. For best results, combine Photo+ with Microferm:

0,5 L of EM® Photo+ ET 10 L of Microferm / 10 000 L water/year
If algae growth persists, it is advisable to increase the frequency of application and not the dose used. You can repeat this treatment several times (3 to 4) depending on the amount of algae to be treated.