PACK “Advantage”: Water Filter 8,5L, tap & 2 spare cartridges


With this ADVANTAGE PACKAGE, you will have everything you need to have drinking water available at a great price!

A water filter that can be used in all circumstances because it works without electricity.

The original British Berkefeld – Doulton water cooler is a simple, reliable and effective way to get pure, safe water from any uncontrolled source. Whether outdoors, at home, camping, or in an emergency, it is the ideal water cooler. Or to filter the tap water in case of doubt…

Perfect for places without direct access to drinking water (uncontrolled, stream, lake, river, surface water…) but also in lodging, in isolated places, off-grid or in case of emergency, natural disaster and humanitarian relief. It can also be placed on the kitchen counter for daily use.

Designed for immediate and year-round use, the Gravity Water Filter has 2 stacked tanks and 2 UltraSterasyl water filtration cartridges (ceramic + compacted activated carbon + silver). In this PACK, two additional cartridges are provided in addition to the two provided with the fountain.

The upper tank is filled with unfiltered water, which by gravity will pass through the filter cartridges to arrive filtered in the lower tank after the 3 filtration stages. The filtered water recovered from the tap is pure water.

The two cartridges allow filtration for 6 to 12 months, depending on the healthiness of your water before filtration. Each cartridge guarantees the filtration of 1500 liters of non-drinking water at the beginning, so 3000 liters for two cartridges.

THE BERKEFELD 8,5 L, many advantages :

  • Compact, mobile, usable in all circumstances

  • Easy to install, use and maintain

  • Works by gravity, without energy or water discharge

  • Large tank: 8.5 liters – Useful volume 7.8

  • Maximum flow rate: 1.5 litres / hour
  • Stainless steel quality (grade 304)

  • NSF certified product and filtration, Bisphenol A free. ISO 9002 standard. Made in England.

  • Equipped with 2 cartridges (+ 2 additional), filtration threshold
    0.2 micron

  • Suitable for all contaminations: chlorine, chlorine derivatives, tastes, bacteria, chemicals, lead, odors

  • Solid metal faucet supplied as an accessory in this pack.

SIZE of the mounted filter: Diameter 24 cmHeight 48 cm