Microferm (EM-A) – 2 or 5 L cubi for dilution



Microferm is a liquid, concentrated version of Effective Activated Microorganisms (equivalent to EM-A or EMAS) for immediate use after dilution.

It is generally used diluted at 2% (20 ml per liter of water) to bring life and fertilize the earth around you. You can use it weekly to water: your lawn, your plants (roots, trunk, leaves), your crops (seedlings, vegetable garden). It can be used to activate the traditional garden compost. Ideally, water in the evening to get the maximum benefit.

Microferm also has a deodorizing effect because the micro-organisms it contains will metabolize the organic matter that causes bad odors. It can be used without fear to treat the litter of the animals (horses, hens, rabbits…) or any other surface emanating bad smells. Spray surfaces with a spray or fogger.

At a higher concentration, 10% (100ml per liter of water) or possibly PUR it can be used to clean moss from wood/stone outdoors. In this case, impregnate the surfaces with water before spraying the Microferm. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then brush with a stiff brush: you will see all the mould come off. Rinse to remove foam debris. Avoid doing this work in the sun. Ideally, it should be used just after the rain, as long as the temperatures are above 12°C.

Vacuum cube of 2L or
with tap.

To treat large areas, use the
Aquamix automatic mixer
which connects to your garden hose.

Larger sizes – 20, 250, 1000 liter drums – are available upon request:
please contact me here.

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