EM® Ceramic Beads (350 tubes)


These EM ceramic beads (small tubes) improve the taste and quality of your tap water while reducing limescale deposits.
Put about 20 of them in a water cooler, flask or carafe and leave for 30 minutes before drinking.

About ten in vegetable wash water, flower vases, pet water, kettle/ruffle (20), aquarium (5-25).

Can also be used in combination with Wipe&Clean in the washing machine (40-50 tubes in a cloth bag in the drum) or the dishwasher (20 tubes in the basket): the amount of detergent can thus be reduced while achieving natural cleanliness.
For volumes up to 10L.

Ceramic beads are wear-free and zero waste: rinse them regularly under running water and rub them well.

Mesh net containing 500g of small ceramic tubes (approx 350 pieces).

Les céramiques EM® sont produites avec de l’argile de qualité fermentée avec des micro-organismes EM efficaces et cuite à très haute température dans des conditions anaérobies. The multiple characteristics and information of the micro-organisms are preserved in the ceramic after the firing process. This explains the long-lasting properties of EM ceramics which will have the following effects on the water in which they are immersed:

  • reduction of the surface tension of the water
  • reduction in the size of clusters of water molecules
  • modification of the redox potential and increase of the antioxidant power
  • by resonance effect, transmission of the ‘positive effects’ of EM.
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