ATC SuperSterasyl Replacement Cartridge – Berkefeld Doulton


ATC SuperStersayl™ Doulton® water filtration replacement cartridge.

Filtration capacity: 1500 Litres. (6 to 12 months).

This water filtration cartridge is exclusively for gravity water filtration models (mobile water filtration) and is compatible with the following brands:

  • Doulton
  • British Berkefeld
  • CleanWater
  • Berkey
  • ProPur ProOne

This cartridge includes 3 stages of water filtration in a single element: the outer part in micro-porous ceramic removes pathogenic organisms (bacteria, parasites, cysts…), sediments and impurities, the inner part of the ceramic with itsanti-bacterial formula prevents microbiological growth and finally the internal part -consisting of granular activated carbon combined with an anti heavy metal media-. eliminates taste, bad odours, chemicals and reduces heavy metals.

Filtration threshold 0.2 micron. Bisphenol A free.

Length of threaded end: 35 mm 177 mm x 49 mm Diameter 12 mm
Filter cartridge manufactured by Doulton Water Filters (British Berkefeld).
This cartridge is compatible with all DOULTON, BRITISH BERKEFELD and CleanWater, Berkey, ProPur ProOne


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