ATC SuperSterasyl IMPERIAL cartridge


ATC SuperStersayl™ IMPERIAL Doulton® water filtration replacement spark plug cartridge.

Filtration capacity: 3500 Litres.

This water filtration cartridge is exclusively intended for gravity water filtration models (mobile water filtration).

This cartridge (water filter candle) includes 3 stages of water filtration in one element: the outer part in micro-porous ceramic removes pathogenic organisms (bacteria, parasites, cysts…), sediments and impurities, the inner part of the ceramic with itsanti-bacterial formula prevents microbiological growth and finally the internal part -consisting of granular activated carbon combined with an anti heavy metal media-. eliminates taste, bad odours, chemicals and reduces heavy metals.

It is advisable to clean the cartridge with clean water every 3 to 6 months, depending on the water quality, to remove accumulated sediment deposits.

Filter cartridge manufactured by Doulton Water Filters (British Berkefeld).
This cartridge is compatible with all DOULTON, BRITISH BERKEFELD and CleanWater, Berkey, ProPur ProOne

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