Urban…Composting ?

(NL versie komt eraan)

One step at the time we are getting conscious that a better Tomorrow can be created by the sum of all…our individual actions.

You’d like to recycle your food waste, you maybe even though about or tried the most known composting techniques as the garden compost or the worms-bins, BUT :

Most of your foodwaste is cooked & raw ?

Worms, insect and flies are not your cup of tea ?

You don’t want any bad smells in your living area ?

The time & investment you can dedicate to recycle your foodscraps is limited ?

You have a little outside space but not enough for a compost pile?

You don’t have any neighbour or communal compost nearby?

The idea of buying plastic bags to collect your organic waste turns your brains upside down?

 Then BokashiCompost might be THE SOLUTION for you!

 From now on you can transform by yourself your foodwaste, even in the heart of the city, and this with :

an affordable starting investment in terms of equipment,
an hygienic process taking place in a closed container and
with very limited smell, and with
very little effort and time

Ideally you have access to some little outside space (but a cellar would do as well) for the final step of trasformation into livin soil. You don’t need to be in plain ground: a couple of big pots or containers will do. A paved inner courtyard or a couple of square meters on a blacony…or why not, the neighbour’s garden!

Want to know more? Check the Events section to find out the BokashiCompost Workshop that suits you best and come to llearn all the secrets about bokashi so you can start on your own.

You can as well OFFER a cute GIFT VOUCHER for one person to participate to a workshop or for a purchase on the online Shop <3   Contact-me for the details.

Shall we?