Yes but, what is it this Organic Matter ?

(NL versie komt eraan)

The organic matter, aka bio-massa, is any matter generated directly or indirectly by any living entity, be it human, vegetal, animal -insects included- or even microscopic like fungi, yeasts, ferments and a whole bunch of useful bacteria.

ALL the organic matter, whatever its origin, has a common point: it conteins Carbon, which is a bit its basic ‘Lego brick’. This carbon will appear under different shapes depending upon its combination with other elements along the Cyle he belongs.

In nature, it is usually found ‘stocked’ as ground, wood, vegetables, flesh, petrol and much more…

When the Nature follow its spontaneous cycle, all of these forms go back to the soil where they disgregate again into ‘basic bricks’ to be re-used…for the next round.

Leaves fall, animals decompose and become humus, who in turn, will feed the plants that will produce flowers/leaves/fruits/roots that in turn will feed humans & animals. 

The latter, eliminate with the fecies that (used to) fertilise the ground.  Or at least, that’s how it went arount during million years.

But this carbon can as well take a completely different path: burned or under a high temperature high enough to reduce it’s massa, part of this ‘stock’ of carbon is transformed into a gas -CO2 for example (but in CH4 or methane as well)- and released into the atmosphere. That’s the way we mostly transform the organic matter today. 

Nature is well done: plants, thanks to the photosynthesis, absorb part of the CO2 and transform it into…oxygen & and sugards. If we don’t chop them down !

And if we want to act and actively contribute to support nature, we can prevent one third of our trash bag to get burned (at it’s carbon to be released in the atmosphere) : by composting we stay closer to the natural cycle and we give back to the ground part of what it gave us. <3

With BokashiCompost, on top of that, we bring back life to the soil under the shape of Effective Micro-Organismes (yeasts, lactic bacteria, phototrophic bacteria) : we support this way the existing plants so they can continue to do their job of catching back the atmospheric carbon and stock it in the ground, again.

If you want to know more about the Carbon Cycle (no mention of composting here), here is a very clear video about it  :