We can reduce our waste by 30% !

Did you know that between 30% to 50% of the content of our ‘mixed’ trash bags are made of organic matter, aka biomassa, which can be given back to the soil?

Learning to sort out and to handle differently our kitchen waste can have many positive effects on our environment. And if we join together all our little daily actions, we really could make the difference for the Climate!

By sorting out our food waste we:

  • Reduce by 1/3 the amount of plastic trash bags going to be burned, and their purchase by the same means
  • We don’t have to throw away so often our mixed trash bag as…it doensn’t stink and we can wait for it to be full before taking it out
  • We could reduce the number of trucks circulating -and polluting- that collect them
  • Indirectly, we would improve the burning plant’s efficiency: have you ever tried to burn a banana peel? takes a lot of heat isn’t it? 😉

But the most important is that we concretely do someting positive for our planet :

  • we give her back a precious value : the Carbone mass, that would otherwise end up in the air under the shape of CO2, goes back where it comes from: in the soil.
  • we give back to the ground all the precious minerals and the elements that should be in it, so they pop up later in our food (like Magnesium for exemple), because those essential elements, once burned, cannot be re-created.
  • We support & bring life, as we equally support the soils’ life and all its communication networks between the plants.

And what if, on top of all that, I would tell you that turning your food waste in living soil by yourself is as easy as 1-2-3 with BokashiCompost…didn’t you wish to stretch a hand to our beautiful Earth, just by adopting new habits?