This section is the result of years of experience of my Bokashi-fellow Jenny Harlen from bokashiworld.blog and it will evolve with the Questions you will ask me. Don’t find your Answer?

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Will my bokashi turn into soil in the bucket ?

No, you will never get soil in your bucket.

Your food waste is fermented in the first step (in the kitchen) and will look roughly the same as it did when you put it in. Later, when it comes into contact with soil, it will start to transform into soil.

Nothing is happening in my bokashi bucket !

While it seems that nothing is happening in the bucket, there’s a lot going on that we can’t see. The bokashi microbes are breaking up the proteins in the food waste into smaller amino acids; this then makes the nutrients more available to your plants. This is also the reason why the process goes so quickly in the soil later, the job is already half done.

How long does it take to fill a bucket?

It’s impossible to say, every household is different. A “normal” family (2-3 people) typically produces around 10 liters of food waste per week. It makes no difference to the actual bokashi process if you fill your bucket more quickly or more slowly than this. The two week fermentation period is counted from the day you stop filling your bucket. If you want to get more into your bucket, press down the contents (the less air the better, so this is always helpful).

How do I store my bokashi Starter bran?

The bokashi Starter is a ‘living’ product.

It is advised to pour the equivalent of the weekly amount in a smaller container, with a lid, that will be used on a daily basis and will be stored in a dark and dry place.

Seal again well the big bag, getting the air out. Then store it until the next ‘refill’ on a fresh, dry, dark place. Avoid digging with your hands into it!

The Starter bran lasts a good year if stored in optimal conditions. If you notice your food waste is not fermenting anymore as it should, try increasing the bran quantity…or buy a new bag of fresh Starter.

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