Everything is interconnected.


I live in the city and I started paying attention to the quality of what I eat long time ago, when I discovered that food has the power to heal us…or to make us sick.  I deepened this knowledge by completing academic studies as (a very alternative) Pharmacist specialized in Nutrition and healing plants.

So, cooking fresh, living food in an healthy and tasty way became the ‘beauty secret’ I shared with whom was curious to hear.

The more I discovered about the agricultural industry’s processes that leave us with ‘nutritionally empty’ food and the marketing tricks (been working there for a while) that make us buy expensive crap, the more I wanted to be able to really know what I am eating: so I started growing food in pots, bags, square-meter gardens on a paved courtyard…using only natural fertilizers, non hybrid (read ‘reproducible’) seeds and working with nature rather than against it. 

The link between quality and liveliness of the soil where food grows and the food’s consequent nutritional power quickly popped up, together with the question: I am throwing away part of the good food I buy (peels, external leaves, etc…), how can I recycle it myself and reuse-it directly?

Traditional composting was not an option as I have no space, nor direct access to the soil on top of not having the time to turn upside down, measure temperature of the pile, mix with leaves, etc..

Worms composting-tower turned into having pets to feed, as their menu is quite restricted and their needs for attention competed with my boyfriend who didn’t want any of them in the house during winter

The revelation came with an encounter the Universe arranged with an amazing lady who’s spreading the technique of Bokashi in Sweden, and not only: Jenny Harlen and her www.bokashi.se

That’s how I discovered that YES, there is a way to turn almost ALL your food waste (raw, cooked, garlic & onion, citrus fruit, bananas, eggshells, rice, pasta, bread and…meat & fish as well) in the fastest way than any other process I could test, without foul smells nor too much hassle. And the whole process happens half in your kitchen, half on your balcony/inner courtyard/garden/terrace.

Not only you don’t throw organic matter in the mixed bin, but you produce a healthy living soil where your plants, flowers and food will grow happy, healthy and strong.

That is BokashiCompost circular food-waste processing.

 All the magic is done by the Effective Micro-organisms (EM) present in the Starter-bran which kicks-off the fermentation process that will pre-compost your food waste. It’s the equivalent of the microbiota (good bacteria) we all have in our guts and that keeps us healthy, but here they do the job for the soil.

 Don’t have a green thumb?

The BokashiCompost technique allows you to get out of the mixed-garbage-bin all your organic waste. You empty the bokashi bucket only when it’s full…and not because it’s becoming smelly, slimy, full with flies or walking out of your kitchen by itself.

Forgot to empty your bokashi bucket before the holidays? no problem. You’ll find it as it was when you’ll come back: no bad surprises!

Don’t want to go at the end of the garden everyday in winter? just pile up the food scraps in the bokashi bucket and sprinkle it with the Starter-bran.


Whatever we can do to give back to the earth part of what she gave us, is a good step forward.

  ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’  (Gandhi) is my mantra.

Because it’s by acting that we make a difference. I started to change…and it’s not so difficult, when you take one baby step at the time 🙂

And when we hold hands with others, it’s even more fun. Shall we?


 Special Thanks :

 I wish to thank with gratitude all the beautiful persons that crossed my path and who brought me here, happy TO BE.

 Jenny Harlen from Bokashi.se & bokashiworld et Inda Cakka the (ex) burmese monk who introduced us and without whom anything of all this would have happened. My family, my partner Nico and all the friend who support me in my wildest dreams.

 Actiris and its PrimeIndépendant that helped me launching this activity in Brussels (Belgium), the 1819.brussels and its precious workshops ‘Entreprendre’, the VillagePartenaire that coaches me.  GoodFood Brussels who makes things change on a ‘food level’ in Brussels.

 The girls from KnockKnock Prod who built this website and much more.

 ‘My’ students from the l’IHECS-preneurs who sided me with their communication skills : Thank you Alex, Justine & Lisa !

 L’asbl WORMS with whom we work hand in hand.

 And all those who trusted me and opened their doors when I was taking the very first steps in this adventure:

 The neighourhood Cantine: Refresh

 The bulk bio market TheBarn

 The Restaurant EntreNous

 The ZeroWaste Café Boentje

 La Tricoterie – Fabrique de Liens

 Le Festival des Plantes Coméstibles du Jardin d’Arthey

 And clearly, my partners Skaza and especially Jurgen from Agriton Belgique who’s working since 20 years to support a living soil and to spread the  EM technology from Japon (EMRO) in Belgium.